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I missed spring cleaning..

>.< Well besides the constant stabbing pain, it's not so bad.. Missed work today due to the usual suspects. I hate it when I get more then 1 period in a month, especially when it's more painful then the previous .. oh well I did miss the 'spring cleaning' day at work (hahah yes I'll do anything to dodge cleaning up - )

Thank Goodness for Oprah - as there is precious little on TV and I didn't have the energy to do anything else. (OK, sometimes I wonder about her taste in books & will try to forgive her for unleashing Dr. Phil on the free world ^.~ However, you gotta love someone who can have viewers send in 6 1/2 million dollars for AIDS orphans in S Africa)
She had a woman on her show (I missed her name, but perhaps she was the wife of someone running for office) - & Oprah met her when she was 8. The woman looked at her and said "You are as pretty as a speckled pup" - or something to that effect. While this was just a brief moment, Oprah remembered it as it was the first time anyone told her she was pretty. The woman had no idea it would have such an impact. I imagine negative comments can be similar too. I also wonder why some people have no regard or care when they say hurtful comments.

Meat Mr Hyde (I swear I can read that on the picture.. )

Flippin us off in your sleep hydesan?

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