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Guide to beauty charm poise

My loverly neighbor Mim (I've probably mentioned.. she was like a total gift as the previous neighbour tried to poison our dogs - and Mim ... she moved in with a bunch of Doggies ... it was love at first bark!!!!!!!!)

well we went over to Windsor. What was up w/the bridge? It took us over an hour to cross it. (normally about 15-20 min) Of course we went to salivate over the wonderful things in Little Italy - then went to Zehrs which makes a vegan want to cry... WHY Do they have 2 aisles full of organic/veggie food??? and in my local store.. it's like diddly doop.. ^^;;;
I did recall what the wonderful borntohula mentioned how much of a disappointment foods were in Canadian stores..but since I couldn't buy them anyway (it's illegal) it would be moot

Before going to Canada - we went to the used book store at the local library. ^_^ Suge... I got a John Irving novel "widow for a year" .. I so adore him, and perhaps I read it?? I don't recall... as I'm a stupe..hahah
I could not resist "Guide to Beauty.Charm.Poise"
gahhh it's so 1960-ish... but I can't find a title page with a publish date or publishing company (a misprint I think)

This book is more insightful and less ... hair pulling anti feminist then I thought it would be...

12 personality types in dress
The Exotic type
The ingenue
The Athletic type
The Romantic type
The Volptuous type
The woman of fashion
the Sophisticated type
The intellectual type
The Young Matron
The Matron-Queenly woman
The american girl type

& some hyde spam as I am a brat


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