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So what do you mean I'm spineless..

>.< Do I have to beg?

2 of the people I work with invited me to lunch with them today - but because I'm pathetic & didn't want to see how fast the crappy little coworker would say no to my request to trade lunch hours, I declined.
It's not like she DIDNT KNOW I wanted to go - As I asked the other coworker who is 2 freakin feet away from her The other coworker even CALLED me on the phone and loudly said - I hope you can trade lunch hours.. (the other coworker was leaving for the day)..

So being the wuss I am, and annoying little turd that she is.. I just said "What time are you going to lunch?" & she said 11:30 (the time my friends were going out) - I figured it wasn't worth the aggravation to go any further.
What I find more annoying is her refusal to do any real work even when it presents itself. Someone called yesterday to ask about an order they placed - and this is something TAC handles.. It's like, one of the few things she actually has to do..WELL apparently yippy yapping on the phone all day keeps her to busy to reply to my e-mail or look thru her records to answer this woman's question.. GEEZ ITS ONLY OUR FREAKIN JOB.. Another secretary ended up taking the file from TAC's desk and looking up the record.

Maybe this would improve things...

Or maybe I can borrow this from Hydesan?

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