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Happy S day & Tanjoubi Omedetou.. Kia!

My first "secretary's day"..

My new secretary job started in July - but the job termination threats from hell ... well that was about a 4 month process. If anyone else out there works for a govt. / sch district.. err it's been like a real bumpy ride - and still more threats on the horizon..

Anyhoo - being secretary's day - (really? duh! ... crap, now I guess I'll have to look up Boss's day and remember that) in my dept they had a very sweet thing... gave us secretary's cake & a little gift. (well it wasn't a vegan thing, so I couldn't eat the cake.. and >.< they gave me some lovely hand lotion things, but it says MADE WITH MILK PROTEIN ... ahhh I imagine I can find someone who wants it? - but a lovely gesture-) {my relatives who KNOW ME and KNOW I'm vegan gave me a gift certificate to a Steak house.. so yeah I 're-gift' a lot of things}

I was watching the interview with Bob Woodward (re: his Plan of Attack book)

The scariest thing to me? Not that there was apparently no link to Al-Q'aida & 9/11... or not that there was probably no 'weapons of mass destruction'... it was the scary feeling I got - that Bush has no qualms, apprehension, or any sense of doubt when it comes to bombing the living shit out of Iraq.. "Freedom is a God given ..blahblahblah" I just find it scary that... well his sense of morality, 'doing what God wants'... I find it hard to discriminate that feeling with any bomb throwing Muslim "Extremist".. He's so hell bent on giving Iraqi's democracy .. MY ASS I just pray for everyone over there.. Iraqui's and our underpaid and beleaguered service folk...

tell us haido - what is your weapon of mass destruction? XD

& out of curiosity - anyone know who is under hyde? (Oh stop that.. I mean in the bbs picture post below...)LJ Edit: - Ah so it IS Kiyoharu.. Thanks everyone for the info..

I never seem to get leftovers to eat as .. *laugh* I love to give them to our doggies for dinner..and they seem more appealing then any commercial dog food. Today I didn't have much so I cooked up some Boca Burgers YAY Franc gobbled it up - he's not been doing well and his appetite has been off >.< oh & cross your fingers... I'm having the vet call me tomorrow - - I'm afraid Franc has Degenerative Myolapathy...
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