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The real truth behind Moonchild

>.<$$$ More stuffs I have to buy..

I can't say how excited I was to return to work and find that my voice mail was empty.. YAY (Nothing like going thru scads of voicemessages and email when you've been away for a bit) Hopefully I'll get back into some productive cycle now that I've returned to the work return.. OK OK probably not but hope springs eternal.

I laughed so hard when Leigh came back from his Mech Engineering classes and told me that he spoke with the Japanese student there.. >.< gahh he must think I'm a total maroon as Leigh told him about my dorky obsessions, my HYDEIST license plate, etc and mentioned Moonchild. HAHAHAHAHAH The fellow covered his mouth and laughed and said
"Us Japanese aren't very good at making movies I have such a temptation to post this in GacktxHyde comm.. but I wonder how many angry messages I'd get? *laugh*

Really, could photobucket people be more obtuse? Not like sending them an email(s) saying you want to contribute and please inform me of your fee.. I guess I'm just to 'guess'.. >.< oh well as I want to annoy everyone w/spam I felt obliged to give them a contribution..

I wonder if Tim Burton was the Hairdresser for Tetsu, Ken & Sakura?

I find this Hydeist goods T very amusing...

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