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we're having a heat wave -

Today I met up with the family for visiting hours at the funeral home - Uncle Bob's funeral is tomorrow. He was an avid traveller, I'm sure he'll be on to better places now. The funeral home had a really nice setup, with a video montage of pictures and details. How odd, I never realized before that in younger days, he could have been a stand in for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bob's memory page & pics

My parents were nice enough to go with Leigh & I to the funeral home - as they considered Uncle Bob part of the family too. (Since Leigh's sister is married to my brother Doug - our parents see each other a lot) After the funeralhome, my Mom wanted to take me out for a belated birthday dinner (Which was in Dec, but we never seemed to get around to it) - It was very nice - despite persistant cramps that have plagued me all week.. *sigh* So much for my vacation week plans to be productive replaced by whimpering and a heating pad.. *oh whiney quiet already*

I saw some news coverage about the Dalai Lama's trip to Canada.. Apparently his 2 speaking events were sold out - *wonders if people were scalping tickets on e-bay* I saw an interesting piece on TV about his English translator, who was a monk but left the order- and then married a Canadian woman. He seemed like such an interesting and bright fellow - and like most Tibetans I've ever seen (Usually on TV, I've not met many Tibetans in RL) they always seem like such a warm and peace loving people. A friend of mine was studying Tibetan language at UofM and he got to interview the Dalai Lama. I imagine that must have been a memorable experience.

I don't know why Prince's CM and Laruku's SMILE CM are linked together on the $ony HK site...LOL I had downloaded it yesterday from a Chinese bbs and when I only saw 'Prince' I stopped playing it. It wasn't til I saw it posted in Hydeist that I realized Laruku was at the end of the clip. (Prince has always given me the creeps for some reason, and I would shudder when some people saw some pics of Hyde & said 'oh that looks like prince' ... EWWWWWWW ^.~

Prince&Laruku SMILE CM

I remember e-mailing photobucket people a few months back to ask about their policies regarding donations, etc.. but THEY NEVER ANSWERED ME... ^^;; Today I get an email saying I have to donate or some blahblah or they'll stop allowing hotlinking for the rest of the month.. or something. Well I don't mind paying them, I just figured if they can't answer my question (when I suggest I will donate money)..that well I lost interest. Hopefully this time they will ANSWER me.. 555555

wonders if hyde is checking his deodorant - or perhaps there is a creepy crawly moving up his pantleg

Tetsu worries that the carpet he's wearing clashes with the wall carpet

& for Panda fun -click here:
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