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>.< the light is on but nobody's home..

bahh what a poopy kinda lazy day - oh well thank goodness for my heating pad, I'd be lost w/o it.. cramps are so much fun

Go figure - I finally see the Hyde light when I'm not at work..and my computer at home keeps freezing up.. *smacks it* - Hyde wrote a nice message wishing good Luck to Anis tomorrow - (Monoral live even)..which makes me wonder, is Anis a member of Hydeist? XD

gackted from vivid...

Well feeling much like a wet blanket, I did very little today but whimper w/my heating pad.. however.. I did find the Oprah show to be very entertaining - she had a 'funniest people' theme.. Chris Rock, Jon Stewart & Maya Rudolph..
they were all hysterical - and I had no idea that Maya Rudolph's mother is Minnie Ripperton.. (well you young whippersnappers..she was popular back in the disco days..) I also learned the odd bit of trivia that Uma Thurman's Mother was married to Timothy Leary.. (LSD fame.. and no I don't mean Lucy in the sky w/diamonds.. oh yes wait I do.. nevermind) I don't watch a lot of TV, and I don't have cable - but I sure wish I could see the Daily Show- Jon Stewart is just too damn funny

and a rather odd note - I was watching some Canadian teen focused drama (ready or not? I think it's called.. for some reason one of the characters reminded me of borntohula maybe I need to look at her pics again.. I could be soo off.. ^.~.. it's funny how sometimes people remind you of people even when they don't look strikingly alike? and this is random - but I felt rather bad for Jay Leno... when Simon said a female contestant reminded him of Jay.. I could see the resemblance - I don't think he meant it as an insult..because well if he wants to insult people it's usually more direct..
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