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I'm pounding on the door Hyde, let me in...

Isn't Halloween in October? - go figure Hydeist finally opened the Halloween Hotel section. - Like most things on the site, it's "cute"

THANK YOU NYDE!! for personally making me distracted, and giving me something to look forward to reading.. *wipes away tears and bids a sad goodbye to hkoneko 's lovely sites.. I really enjoyed them, & I hope to see them back again..

This has been my most laziest work week ever.. Meaning I haven't been able to push myself to do this, do that ... Do I feel guilty? NO! I would have a while back, but then I soon realized how much work I do compared to some- and sue me that my bosses are all on pre-vacation break... (Off tomorrow and Next week for Spring break YAY)

I am always amazed at how great Japanese illus sites are..
From Entitchers

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