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Is it pathetic to have a backlog of spam?

& one wonders - had it not been for the age difference... Hyde - Aya, separated at birth?

I wonder if Aya ever worked at Mr Donut?

It managed to be not so bad for a Monday. A tedious job assignment still looms over my head. Why do I hate it? Well, because it seems rather stupid and a big waste of everyone's time. I'm suppose to call these schools and find out if they have put an application on the State of Michigan's grant website. Why did I cringe at the assignment- well the fact that there are OVER 300 schools on the list - and the fact that Nobody will probably know what the F I'm talking about anyway when I call them. I'm hoping my boss will let me send out a letter instead,.. I have a strong suspicion that this task is something TAC (annoying gum cracking coworker) should be doing..

I did sit in on a Microsoft word training - It was actually very helpful -

A funny thing happened on the way into work - a Big Canadian goose with A BAD ATTITUDE was perched on top of our building, and walk yelling at everyone as we walked in the door.. I wish I had a camera, it was hysterical. It's also the first time I've seen a goose perched ontop of a roof -

^0^ I received a lovely postcard from Japan from MS ~

Enough boring life torture.. Haidosupamu!

*-* found scans at vivid..

I should sleep but my stomach hurts and it feels like I swallowed a balloon
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