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FOOD FIGHT [Nov. 4th, 2002|07:15 pm]

OK OK just count me in on it...K?? lol
Erff! I lost one of my crowns on Saturday - so I had this gap in my mouth.. Perhaps it is not a great idea to do English language tutoring when you can't speak correctly..~ haha but my dentist came to my rescue - as always..

Man- I was so bloody tired today, I'm not sure why. I even cancelled my Japanese lesson with Risa, as I was afraid to fall asleep on her.

I can't wait for that darn election to be over..because people are stalking me.. YES! Every man & his dog running for governor, congressman & dog catcher is calling me every day.. Oh!! Al Gore called me.. During the primaries.. Martin Sheen called me twice. Some fellow called me to take a poll today.. and crap..he mumbled so much I had to ask him to repeat every question ~~ arff I should have just let it go to voicemail. arggh maybe I won't even vote tomorrow - I'm so uninterested.. (pathetic, eh?)


I'm so glad things went OK at your presentation.. I really wish I could have been there to see it.. *cheers!!!*

and Ri-chan.. I still have an open invitation for you to come live here.. (arfff if you can forgive the slob that I am~!!)

Auwon!!! Thanks for the Hyde Photos!! Yay!! Oh.. maybe I won't put one on Leigh's car. .haha.. but thanks a lot again..

Priss what can I say..but Natsukashii!!! and you are an inspiration! ^.~