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fall back, spring forward

It was a fairly mild day today - but I hear we are in for more snow. Yay for Michigan weather!

While listening to the NPR version of that old Groucho Marx show You bet your life I heard the Wisconsin poet Laureate recite a poem she had written about Danny Glover. She commented "how in the heck do you write a poem about Danny Glover?"
That aside, she read the poem - and it was really quite touching. When she read it to Danny Glover ( Who I think was getting an award or something like that) - she just expected to get a nice polite handshake from him when she finished and handed him the poem. To her surprise, she turned to find him in tears -

Some poet laureates can really suck - but I found her works quite interesting. Hopefully they will update website.

The lovely diluendo brought this to my attention - a rather feeble and unfortunate attempt at humor

While Watching the SNL "news" they mentioned the Details feature and how the reader was to guess "was the person Asian or gay?" - to which the Jimmy Falon said something like "The insult was, they used a picture of Angelica Houston"

I was looking for a funny quiz I found that asked you to tell the difference between visualkei stars and Japanese women, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.. this site looks interesting though

Woohoo - I can't believe it, yesterday I actually played tag w/the postal service and won! Despite missing the mail delivery in the afternoon - I picked it up at the post office.

The Smile making clips... I love them -
It was also great that the DVD starts out w/a 8/2001 performance of Spirit Dream Inside - to which Leigh comes into the room and claps "all right!!!!!!" Leigh loves Spirit Dreams inside - ^-^...

I've been watching the 4/3 performance of PopJam HnJ/Revelation - such a dramatic intro!
*hands Hyde a throat lozenge*

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