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X_x dodges work with Doi-hachiro...

I've been wanting to sleep and not wake up >.< , I did manage to sleep all of Tuesday away -

I'm also trying to avoid some crappy work assignments. What makes them crappy? Maybe it's just my mood - inherent laziness, or the overall feeling I dont know what the F*ck I'm doing.. not like that ever stopped anyone before. Hyde's Masquerade to be on the Casshern Official soundtrack.. (No wonder Utada Hikaru has the theme song, isn't her husband the director?)

It did amuse me to some small degree to find Hyde/Matthew/Ken's Best Hits Karaoke up on mp3

Well I've gotten some information that may help me get one task accomplished today. I wish I had inspiration to do the job I'm avoiding. I've been generally avoiding things all week, conversation, work, eating.. maintaining focus..

I got some nifty things I ordered from rubashov and have been too unmotivated to use pathetic is that .. wehh!!

*note to self* don't click on community friend's page and read.. it's way too distressing.. & I mean distressing - not so much as 'stupid' factor (albeit that's a part of it) but in the eery similiarity of so much of it. I often wondered if there is one person actually typing the same journal, but just using different names.
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