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utensil humor... & looking for hope in ginger tea

I came upon the NYorker cartoons as I tried to salvage what was left of my brain Perhaps it's the insomnia I've had for the past few weeks - rendering me more tired and stupid then usual in the morning (especially considering I'm still on the alcoholfree-lent-o-thon... harumpph) However I came upon so many frighteningly stupid 'fan' comments lately .. I thought I better hurry and scurry away before being a devoted Laruku fans means I have the IQ of a turnip.. Did I miss the Laruku newbie recruitment campaign bus parked in front my local grade school? >.< (& it seems the one's too stupid to fill out the Laruku newbie forms were sent the pre-filled GakuHai forms.. OH SLAP ME...)

So while trying to find a few more intelligent things - I found this site interesting

Just got back from an ill-fated attempt to nourish my feeble brain with something quasi-healthy. I thought I'd try a Greek salad to take away (sans feta of course!) and found myself in a murky soup of tobacco haze - ... and a few minutes was all I could handle before just giving up all together

So I returned to work without lunch even more addle brained that before.. How is that possible?
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