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welcome back

Leigh & I picked up my parents from the airport this evening ^_^ they enjoyed their trip to see my brother & other family members out in California. My parents were also quite delighted that one the flight back, there were 3 Singing Nuns from Mexico, and they seranaded everyone.. Waii!!!!

Hmm Do I want to repeat all the silly rambling I just enetered in this LJ before my entry got eaten?? *laughs* Maybe better I spare everyone.. My neighbor - who works at a Music store - had me call a Japanese client the other day to inquire about an instrument purchase..and how did they want to pay for it.
Ahh, Helayne's little pea-brain was going to explode *haha* when they asked questions about financing, etc.. My neighbor said his boss was a bit *anxious* as they had this trombone for over a month.. so they wanted their money. Well, hopefully I didn't do too badly - as they came into the store today to pay for it in full. And Thanks Ger for reminding me about the たい form turning into たがっている when you ask someone else if they want to do something... but haha I probably goofed it up anyway.

My neighbor kept telling me these customers spoke very little English - and ..well they even though I spoke mostly in Japanese, their English seemed pretty good to me. Perhaps it takes practice to get used to talking with non native speakers - and thanks to my Years with Deaf friends (some are reallllly hard to understand, even if they are signing to you) and my contact with Non native speakers on a weekly basis.. I think I find it easier to understand them - I could understand everything my Japanese friends told me in English - but they would go to the dept store or something, and not be understood at all..

And since Helayne is in a goofy mood -
ahah This picture will always remind me of Sophie (VK Academy fame). I sent it to her in some round of email Photo swapping we were doing.. Email Topic from me "Alas poor Yorick"

"Don't you mean Yor-lick??
I know this just proves what a sick puppy I am, but DIZAMN that's
kinda hot! *curtseys, leaves the stage*

^_^ It's fun to have friends that make you giggle, isn't it?

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