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X_x warau... Another pretty pic from Liv

What to do what to do.. it's 2 am and I still can't fall asleep - Don't mind me, I'm not making too much sense (as IF I normally do) - Just opened up a few mp3's from SMILE.. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that the post REAL stuff is much more 'live' friendly - I'll be anxious to hear live reports when the tour starts.

Well literally, as I sat here typing, there is an audible 'thunk' sound and Leigh's head fell off of one of my Dad's paintings. My Dad's paintings are 3 dimensional, and some parts of the painting are glued on.. sometimes the glue wears away and they need to be repaired. It's such a terrific painting of Leigh. Leigh looks like a 'turtle' but the shell is a geodesic dome shape. (Leigh designed a geodesic dome home, but we never built it...) The face is a great cariacature of Leigh - I'll have to post a pic of it.

Speaking of paintings, I went to pick up the 2 paintings I bought at my Dad's art show. ^-^ He sold 17!

Squirrels live to torment my dogs - and Sally loves nothing more then to eat them. >.< Sally got biten by a squirrel on the nose today - but she seems quite ok. I called the vet and they said we just should watch it, but shouldn't worry. Leigh said he saw the squirrel later in the afternoon -

At first I thought people were saying that Matthew Minami of "Matthew's Best hits" fame was just in Lost in Translation - then I realized his show must have been in the movie.

I went to Blockbuster to rent the DVD. I hadn't been to the video store in ages - with Leigh studying like mad, we usually don't sit down to movies too often. Wow- it seemed like a big assortment of total and absolute crap- I hadn't been paying attention to what releases were due out on vhs/dvd, but half of the stuff seemed to pass the theatre and go straight to video. (read= it did so poorly in test screenings, we'll see how many suckers will rent it) ...

OK that unintentional rant aside, we watched Lost in Translation. I had heard a lot about the movie, but really knew little about it.

I really enjoyed the movie a lot. This was one time when I saw the 'older guy/younger girl' situation actually seem to make sense. I found their performances touching ~ they didn't have to be in Japan necessarily ~ I think Coppola did a good job of making their sitations 'relatable'. The tranquility of the shrines in the middle of the Electric Mania that is Tokyo - well I found that interesting too. Perhaps it didn't hurt either that Bill Murray was in it, as I quite adore him.

Leigh found it funny when I mentioned to him that some people didn't know that "Matthew's Best" in the movie was an ACTUAL SHOW. We laughed because it would be so easy to understand why someone would think it was fake! If I lived in Japan and just got a steady diet of their TV, it might make me crazy - but there is something about small doses that makes it rather quaint. Matthew seemed a little bit more 'flaming' in the movie then in the 3/24 show I've seen...but just a little bit more *laugh*. I never thought seeing Hyde's head used as a battering ram would make me laugh so much over & over..but it did. (However I can't tell much difference when Ken is speaking in his 'gay varietyshow host' voice)

Of course if I get tired of Japanese Music / Variety shows - I can tune into the "Which bachelor is a serial killer?" Reality show. *sigh*
I wouldn't mind them taking one of those Extreme makeover/cosmetic surgery shows to a place like Cambodia.. where landmines are a dime a dozen. Oh yes, that's not very sexy, is it?

sorry I knew I shouldn't start a lj entry at such an hour.. LJ Edit:
it's now 3:45 am - and I don't want to stop listening to "Lover boy"... *dork*

Hugs to DH ~ hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!


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