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get out of the shell

>.<... tries to beat away the evil thing that is the PMS demon, but I'm afraid I'm losing the battle - and find myself wanting to do nothing but disappear and cry (and not for any good reason mind you argghhh!) Perhaps I picked a bad weekend to try and force myself to practice kanji again - as it just seems to reinforce the gnawing feeling that I'm indeed a total idiot and good for nothing. *bam bam bam! take that evil pms monster!* >.<

On a much brighter and entry worthy note - Yay! My Dad Rocks! woohoo

Beware - more GreatScott artspam to come

*namida* Anis joined Hyde at the Offkai (A wise move to get reinforcements, Hydesan.. as facing 600+ crazy fan(girls?) by oneself would seem a bit daunting.. and by the dorky comment Hyde left before the Offkai, I'm wondering if every one had a round of bloody mary's?

いよいよ沖縄だ! No.1818 投稿者: HYDE 2004-03-19 19:20:51

Offkai Midnight Celebration in Okinawa ok ok, so maybe it's not the official photo.. but one picture where they don't have to airbrush his teeth.

Hoping for a less sluglike self tomorrow -
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