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Flood of tears..

My heart is breaking for all the families in Spain who find their lives forever changed- and for what? ~ and for the sake of who exactly? Have these tactics EVER provided the desired result?

When I heard about the bombs in Madrid - the first thing that came to mind was the Basque separatist movement. I really don't know anything about the Basque separatist movement - except that they have been around since 59.

I'm sure that Spain (and the rest of Europe) is hoping upon hope that this was done by ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna)- which would make it a 'Spain' problem. While watching the Canadian political talking heads discuss it (The Canadian perspective tends to be a bit less biased then the US press- but just slightly so)- it sounds like it could be an Al Qaeda problem. If it's an Al Qaeda problem-then that doesn't really bode well for anyone that 'sides' with the American 'war on terror'. I'm sure the people of Spain are furious with Prime Minister Aznar for participating in the Iraqi 'war' - especially as 80% of public were against it.

I hope that this doesn't become woven into some creepazoid ad campaign for Bush to get re-elected.. Yes, how can we forget the war on terror?- as far as I can tell it's done a world of good... well for Haliburton & the politically connected..


Hugs to borntohula

Hugs to hkoneko 's relatives in Spain

Thank you demonesque I received the lovely/humorous Hyde Art & Humor CD you burned..

I had intended have a light hearted lj entry by making up some silly show finale scenarios for the long waited demise of "Friends"-.- but after learning of today's RL events-- I'm not feeling particularly funny..


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