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Wow Ken, I never knew you cared~! Bubblestar e-mail
冬将軍は終わるけど、BUBBLE FESTiVALは続きます!それまで、いろんな気持ちをため
I love you,I need you,I fuck you!

(Color me surprised that Ken enjoys meeting female fans..)
But he loves me, needs me, he.. Oh what am I saying ~ everyone on the S.O.A.P. mailing list got that message ~~ *Smile* Ken's romantic wording aside, I find it very endearing that S.O.A.P. sent flowers to HYDE at the Wakayama/Hydeist event.. I wonder if that happens in American bands.. Would the Stones send Aerosmith a bouquet with 'break a leg' written on it?

=^.^=~! I received a package today from diluendo Thank you for the Aya CDs.. I found her CD to be a lot of fun ~.. She has a deceptively childlike voice that I didn't expect to hear reach a loud rock & roll shout & growl.. I just imagine a member of Morning Musume going into an agnsty wail and then starting to trash the amplifiers.. Some of her songs made me think she was trying to sound like Kurt Cobaine - but my databank of Modern rock knowledge is pretty slim and woeful - so don't take my word on that.. I think any gal w/a pathetic loser of an ex-boyfriend would enjoy her treatment of 'candlestick'..

I really need to change this sleep pattern >.< I've been staying up til 2am .. naze?

& just thinking out loud here - I see that there is a Gackt fanbook project as well as a Hyde fanbook project.. Color me a skeptic, but I find it unlikely that either one of them would receive it ~ (or even want it.. the Gacktfanbk doesn't seem to have any real talent criteria..just send it in ^^;; )
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