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[Oct. 25th, 2002|07:38 am]

Yay Friday! Why does it seem like such a long work week, considering I was off Friday, Monday & Tuesday (sick =p) Crosses fingers, I hope that my battle with cramps & IBS is over, at least for this month *sigh*

Woohoo Katie! I hope you have a great time at the Stones concert, even if you will be surrounded by old farts. LOL

& Lookie.. my friend DH has started a fun visual site
Michelle's Home of Visuality - It's still under construction, but Hey.. at least it has Hyde & Tetsu sections up.. so what else do ya need?

I'm glad Priss cool dreams about Full, etc. Why do I just seem to have awful ones? I had an awful nightmare the other day.. hmm maybe it was the combination of pain medication & pain - but O.o it was one of them gory - end of humanity type dreams.. uggh

Hyde Jr's Mama's site it's so cute! Kyaa~ Her son really does look like Hyde doesn't he? (could be? Some Hydeist members get to do more then Chat with Hyde? lol Just Kidding!) Although I don't quite see the resemblance between her daughter & Yukki Lol..

Well I hope to mail out all my packages tomorrow to everyone..

Oh time to skoot off to work.