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hydeistリニューアルについて奈緒美さんはハイドさんに「ちょっとdorkyです ね」
と言った。 ハハハハ

Go Laruku~! SMILE 1st Press is out of print on CDJapan already..

SMILE Limited Ed OFP

I was worried that I'd be too tired to get anything accomplished~ but yesterday was a very busy day at work- and *pats self on back* managed to stay awake for the overtime I needed to put in for workshop registration {which truth be told isn't really very taxing, it's just some more time at the office).

Woohoo even managed to get right to making dinner when I got home - (romaine salad, green beans, chilled beet&tofu salad, mashed potatoes & seitan/gravy over bread)... Considering that everything I made was pretty much 'from scratch' {except the beets-tofu which was leftover from yesterday) I made pretty good time.. I started at about 6 and we were eating about 7:45.

I like to cook - but I get in ruts where I just feel tired and don't want to bother. Leigh is often away at class or church, and I don't really cook much for myself (but I will make a meal just for Leigh..) I always feel better when I manage to cook .. Yesterday I made linguine with olive oil,garlic, walnuts & lemon sauce which Leigh liked a lot. It's really simple too - I'll have to post the recipe..

>.< Guilty confession - I watched some tv movie about "charlie's angels" this evening.. They made Farah Fawcett, Kate Jackson & Jaclyn Smith seem pretty decent - well truth be told, they didn't really show their character in much detail.. but Oh my goodness - The actress who played Kate Jackson sounded EXACTLY LIKE HER!!. I swore they dubbed in her voice, she was so good. The only one who seemed like a real candidate for putz of the month was Lee Majors.

Also saw some 20/20 show where they featured an interesting mix - Johnny Depp, Clay Aitken, Oksana Baiul & Tom Jones- on the premise of their '2nd comeback'.. Johnny Depp,... comeback? Comeback from what? O.o I never thought he went anywhere LOL.. I found the piece about Oksana touching.. she went to Ukraine to see her father who abandoned the family when she was very young. I give her credit for being able to survive such a bumpy road - & I don't know much about figure skating..but there is an element to it that really creeps me out.. It seems to have a lecherous element in it that I don't really see in any other sport~ (or maybe I just have this huge urge to kick the TV whenever I hear Dick Buttons make some overly annoying comment like 'Oh, she is so beautiful..just like a china doll' )

I guess that's enough doofy babble for one post..

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