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This short announcement

The lovely nyde has helped me get over Momochan withdrawal..
Woohoo! She's back!

Nyde - Let me know if I can send Momochan a link to some of your GakuHy smut-o-rific illus, I Know she would love to see them.. ^-^

I'll have to look thru Hydeist to see if anyone has posted some live reports of the Osaka Hydeist only event.. ahah sounds like fun (courtesy of りりさん)
The 2nd day of Osaka live
HYDE talked dirty again & again and asked the audience if he was 'hentai' at last.(「俺って変態?」) The audience replied 'Yeah~!' then he said 'Okay, plse listen next hentai's song!'(「じゃあ、変態の曲を聴いてくれ!」)
Yeah~ Let's dive from the stage!
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