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^o^ Apparently, I wasn't the only one to find the Canon Wonder BJ copier ads amusing.. (thinks.. こうないせこう) an email from my pal D.H.:

>>But really, this was bound to happen... I mean, such a long time without any album release... the poor darlings have run out of money and now they have to resort to just anything to get their tummies warm with food. tsk, tsk, tsk...

However, let me remind you this is not offered as any sort of prostitution of l'arc members! No, no, no. Your money (the money you pay for the wonder bj) will go to the "Support Idle L'Arc" charity found.

Prices range from middle to high depending on the type of service you wanna get...

Hyde is really cheap. (hahahahaha!!!!) Cuz most of our testers reported being disgusted at the fact that he brings his crickets along. >_<

Tetsu is moderately priced, since he's very fashionable and he likes to try new things some of our testers have found out and out weird.

Ken is expensive. He has a certain name in the bj business, that's why.

Yukihiro is also cheap because he usually suffers from tooth decay and some of our testers have found it to be a little scary. I mean... getting a wonder bj by someone who's teeth are rotting away... hmm...

Sakura is expensive for reasons similar to Ken's. But there is a combo pack of Hyde-Sakura (minus the crickets) Wonder bj that is reasonably priced. ^_^

We eagerly expect fan's support for their favorite band. Get your Laruku Wonder BJ while supplies last!! <<

Ok ..I've probably alienated enough fans already lol and Erff! I got a 'do you want to upgrade AOL IM? ' warning - & I said "no thanks" - well poo-diddly it deleted everybody from my AOL list. ??

arggh cramps cramps cramps O.o I feel so crappy. I missed work Friday because of Sinus headache / migraine. I should have guessed it was PMS .

I shouldn't be whining though - I just taped a clip on the news for my neighbor - Our friend runs 2nd chance dobes a rescue for Doberman's. I used to go out their with my neighbor every weekend to help clean up around the place. (but, *sigh* I got lazy and all the dirt & dust made me feel like crap) She's going thru a messy divorce and she might have to put down all her dobes - so the clip on the news was an appeal for folk to adopt them. Doberman's are big babies.. how they got their bad reputation, I'm not quite sure. There were about 40 of them around when I went, and they never once gave me any trouble.

My friend Chizuho sent me a copy of 96 Kiss me Deadly Laruku live.. kyaaaa!! it's great! & they played all my favorites too Kiss me!!

Time to get the heating pad..and go to bed.
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