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接吻 せっぷん [Mar. 5th, 2004|10:28 pm]
[Current Music |caress of venus]

You're burning with desire ~ give into it.. OK - I confess to having "Seppun" on repeat... My friend Kuniko told me that Seppun is an older kanji for 'kiss' - I noticed it in the lyric sheet for "The Nepenthes" lyrics {even though Hyde doesn't sing Seppun - but Kuchizuke} - I just like the sound of Seppun better.. anyhoo ~~

I really love this song, and I can't say exactly why. I always seem to like Hyde/Ken songs the most. It's also refreshing in it's lack of embellishments {e.g. orchestral tracks..} Ri-chan is right, it does sound quite like a Luna Sea track (with the exception that I couldn't listen to Ryuichi on repeat w/o getting a crushing headache).

It was a busy and productive day at work - yay me! lol In the dept I'm in now - I work with 2 secretaries.. Besides myself there is TAC (the annoying coworker who is on leave), and Dee. In our work area, there are the Consultants we work for Wayne, Carol, Jacki, Anupam, David, John, Jon
Hrmm I work for: Wayne, Carol, John (and Jon to a degree)
Dee works for: Jacki, Anupam
TAC works for: David

Interesting that I've been here since July and I have a work load I'd say, 4-5 times heavier then TAC who has been in the dept over 10 years. ^^;; Dee keeps telling me that she feels they are 'overloading me - but I don't feel that way. I like to feel productive. I still can't get over the different work attitude from my previous environment.. I always felt like such a slacker, but now I realize that wasn't really the case~

GLITTER Hugs... I thought I made a friendly and innocent comment only to find someone interpreted my remarks as some personal insult ^^;; gaahhh I hate when that happens - I don't even know who this person is from adam's odd ox, so I would not have any reason to make a comment directed at her... I'd make this analogy:

Friend: I should go out and enjoy the weather today, and not stay inside hoping that it is nicer tomorrow- We shouldn't wait for the weather forecast to enjoy our life..
Person I don't know: That's stupid advice - the weather can forecast a terrible storm ahead.
Me: Yes, go out and enjoy the weather today ~ we can't always depend on the forecast to be accurate.
Person I don't Know: HEY You don't know me - or my abilities to predict the weather. I suggest you never bring it into question.

My reaction O.o umm Huh? Who are you? *scratches head* Sorry this is probably not the best analogy - but I just was rather dumbfounded..

& can I say how thankful I am for the likes of nyde
and the gone missing claireredding {sucked in by that evil vortex that is school work}.. Yet again, I put my finger on the hot stove to get it burned again..... Still trying to recover from the gawd awful fics I've been reading lately on a comm that shall remain nameless .. ugghhh
Geez people, don't save some doofy AIM conversation and then retype it and label it a 'fic'.. Remember, Microsoft Autocheck Grammar features CAN BE YOUR FRIEND.
I've created better fics with the Skazzle random generator..

Date with a jrocker generator

Jrocker fic generator

and makes a mental note to self "Self, if someone posts their karaoke version of Seppun or Hitomi no Juunin.. do not, I say do not download it.."

Went to meet the In-laws for a belated Wedding Anniversary meal at their favorite Friday hangout. It's a place that you'd really like if you like that midwest banquet style food - Mashed potatoes, pot roast, meatloaf - It doesn't seem that they require any kind of produce delivery.. It's like cafeteria food, but maybe a little nicer atmosphere. My sister in law was joking that she could 'feel my pain' as she's on the Atkins diet now & today being Friday (Lent) she isn't eat meat or carbs.. I think she had a plate of veggies and a salad. The veggies looked like they were frozen & the salad looked like it was that prepared salad in a bag type.. Luckily, I wasn't hungry because I didn't eat anything - I guess I'm picky like that - I'd rather not eat anything then eat something that looks like it's less then mediocre.

Tomorrow is my Dad's artshow opening *-* It should be fun!


[User Picture]From: glittercrush
2004-03-05 09:01 pm (UTC)
it was a misunderstanding. gomen for what it's worth. i appreciated the kind words nonetheless. *hugs* :/
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[User Picture]From: nepenthes59
2004-03-05 09:06 pm (UTC)
*chu~* I just felt bad that I might have created some more stress instead of the warm fuzzies I had intended - Huggles back~
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[User Picture]From: glittercrush
2004-03-05 09:35 pm (UTC)
i got the fuzzies. :p see? *\^_^/*
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[User Picture]From: bijuarukei
2004-03-06 06:01 am (UTC)
For some reason, it's very fitting for Hyde to say, "Shizam!" as your little madlibs make clear.
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[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2004-03-06 08:20 pm (UTC)
a bright idea never looked more enlightened-- yet ironically it sure is dim over there >> never seen that pic before, its a beauty of course. <3

x_x cafeteria food. er, i can't stand cafeterias. my mom likes them-- i don't know, something about the smell and mass amounts of people in open areas with lots of noise just MAKES ME LOOSE MY APPETITE.
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From: hydebelle
2004-03-07 02:08 pm (UTC)

I'm behind ><

where did you d/l Seppun? I wanna hear! T_T I miss my Laruku so much and I have always loved the hyde/ken sound! ^_^ Yeah~! The picture is cute! I want to glomp him LOL.
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