nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

My Karma Ran over your Dogma

Was dinking around $ony site after reading secretletters post - as I was always curious as to what Megumi Oishi sounded like as a vocalist...

Little wonder that she didn't eclipse her husband's career - Maybe a 30 second clip isn't enough to judge someone's vocal style
How disappointing, for some reason I was hoping she had a really nice voice.

& am I a terrible person because I am really really enjoying the fact that the annoying coworker is off for 3 weeks? one of my coworkers hinted that she knew the medical nature why she is off - and she said it wasn't 'serious'. Her calls are forwarded to my phone - I've only gotten about 3 since she has been gone (since last Friday). She is on the phone all the time - so I gather 98.9% of the calls must be personal. (but then I do use AIM, etc at work - but.. I also work at work.. believe it or not *laugh*)

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