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It's NaugaHyde

I got such a wonderful gift from Katie today! Bound in Naugahyde - and appropriately Slutty & beautiful (just like Hyde) is Katie's original "Hyde Art & Humor" book she made for me. Now .. how cool is that?

The humor pages made me laugh out loud - and some were things I had not seen before
(you may have caught some of her scathingly funny GakuHy humor here

*-* The art section is just lovely! !♥♥♥♥
I wish I could let you all see how neat this is~! Thank you so much Katie! It's such a special gift, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as a perfunctory note to myself..

Made my way to the post office at lunch again - and finally got off my but to send packages to:

nyde rosumari caffeineaddict
diluendo & Ayumi

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