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hahahaha Hydork

Thanks to the Hydar enabled diluendo who pointed out to me while we were chatting that Hydeist now has the uber geekified voice of Hydesan "welcome to Hydeist" ........hahahahah
that's just priceless..(and stupid sounding, so why do I find that endearing?.. ahh because Hyde's a dork and a loser, and how can you not love that?)

Yay for Leigh~! He got a perfect score on his Thermo dynamic homework! It looks impossibly difficult.

ahh Packages sent out today - to rubashov & to domorrigan will work on the rest this week..

I think it will be a super busy week at work. Since TAC (the annoying coworker-abbrev courtesy of elfqueen) is gone for a few weeks, I will be doing some work for her boss. She never looks that busy to me, but I get the sneaking suspicion that he will take the opportunity to give me tasks he would never have her do.. or that she has never done correctly - .. I'll have to wait & see, but he's already asked me to do something that he said she wouldn't do..
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