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by popular demand

More JoeScott art spam - Thanks to my Uncle Gene who just put a slide show on disc, I now have a good spam supply at hand ^0^ ...

What is it about Sunday night? I can never fall asleep - I watched the LoTR Awards show, I mean the Academy Awards.

Why is it that the only member of the Bush family that I find has an ounce of charisma is the guy who does the entertainment interviews? I found it cute when he introduced the 13 yr old Keisha Castle Hughes to Johnny Depp seconds before the show started. (She had told him during an earlier interview she thought Johnny Depp was a total stud and wanted to meet him).. ahh she didn't win the award, but hearing Johnny Depp call her 'amazing' must have been some nice consolation.

I'll have to try and go to sleep -
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