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Let's nuke the unborn gay whales for Jesus

Since I can rarely think of clever topic headings, maybe I should start using phrases I've found funny..


           yawn... busy day at work today.  Yesterday, the 'annoying' coworker tells  me she is going to be on medical leave for about 3 weeks starting today.  I don't know what the medical reason is - I didn't ask and she didn't tell me.             

Well yesterday at 3:45 (she leaves at 4:30) she emails the secretaries in the dept to tell us that her boss has a meeting next week and will someone do the registration.   Well nobody responds to her and at 4:00 she sends another email asking that someone respond before she leaves so she knows that it is handled.      >.<       She just so annoys the hell out of me..       It's not like she didn't know about the medical leave - as it was put in for request weeks above.. gahh what a bitch..      At least I won't have to listen to her snap her gum and yap on the phone for a few weeks..    

   I've been making copies of videos and cds to send out but it seems like I've been too busy to sit down and actually sort thru who gets what & send out stuffs..  I hope to get to it this week.  Ayumi sent me a HY cd yesterday - I forgot to take it to work so I could listen *slaps head*...        first thing tomorrow..   I guess I will finish stalking Hydeist and go to bed...      ahhh I've always wanted to go to Hokkaido..     

北海道参上!! No.83066 投稿者: HYDE 2004-02-28 15:19:33
ってか昨日来たんだけどね 昨日の出来事はMCで・・・ね。やっぱり寒い北海道! 今日も熱いライウ゛を期待している!俺の心を暖めてくれーっ!リハ行ってきます。

Is it just me or does Hyde look like he's 12 ? 

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