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an exercise in frustration


新潟参上 No.82553 投稿者: HYDE 2004-02-26 17:07:42

 新潟ラスト! 記憶に残るライウ゛にしよう!!昨日も良かったが、まだまだ行けるはずだ!! 俺も限界まで走るぜーっ! 最初っからぶっ飛ばそう!!

& this just reinforces that nagging voice that tells me I need to get off my lazy butt and study Japanese (ackk I suck at self study.. )

I didn't learn much colloquial speech in class - reading this entry on Hydeist   

 今日のLIVE、HYDEさんがものすごーーーく頑張ってるが伝わってきました。私もそれに答えたくて、いっぱい叫んだりしたけど、HYDEさんの頑張りには程遠く・・・。だから、この思いをぶつけたくて、ダーイヴ!逝きました!「ブレース!ブレース!」に合わせてコロコロって!最初のバーから飛んだので、あっという間でしたけど、最高でした!降りた後、HYDEさんに「にやっ」と笑いかけたの気づいてくださいましたか?私なりに加速するこの想いを伝えられたかなって思います!!私を初体験に導いて下さった方々、本当にありがとうございました!26日は行けないけど、参戦される方、新潟はまだまだこんなもんじゃない!!っていうのをHYDEさんに見せ付けて下さい!!フェイズのシャッターガンガン揺らしちゃって下さい!もっともっといけるはず!(/^∇^)/HYDEさんの笑顔がいっぱい見れますように・・ !26

I'm curious as to the meaning of:

!!私を初体験に導いて下さった方々、本当にありがとう-    My dictionary shows shoutaiken to mean 1st sexual encounter - but then I've come across that term before (or something like it)..which just ended up meaning the first time you did something.

& crimini jiminy - I've been trying for 3 days to get these stupid cd labels done for work.  My boss gave me some cd labels, and told me what he wanted on them text wise - so I thought oh, Ok.. I've never done that before but I'm willing to try it.  Simple, right?  >.<

The labels didn't come with any software but a link to the neato site.  I download that craptastic trial software.  OK, so I muddle through trying to figure out how it works and get a label done. Oh, how convenient, they neglected to put a "Print Button" in their Print page as I discover from the FAQ.

So I have to download some patch to fix it.            OK! Fixed..      but the thing is weasing along and I learn someone at work has the original software.  I create another label and then go to print it - only 1/4 of the label prints.    OH! Faq says "nya nya" you have to download this upgrade to fix that printer problem.

>.>  Poo so I download another sucko version & Oh Yay! The CD template I created before doesn't work in the upgrade. Of course every freakin interface for this software is different = I have to learn how to use it for the 3 different versions I tried.

Gahhh        What a pain!       ahh rant over            


Thanks to Ayumi who verified my thinking.. it was 'hatsuaiken' and that reading means first experience.. for a brief moment I was hoping that Hyde was doing more then just diving into the audience.. oh fufu don't mind me (the person writing the message wanted to thank everyone for guiding her through her experience at the live)
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