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Jesus loves you.. everyone else thinks you're an asshole

Pardon the subject title -
Wondering about stupid people and how they seem to thrive on the net.

A real sad event happened in Detroit recently - 2 police officers were killed. The officers were white & the guy charged with their murders is black. So what better way to show your solidarity for the police then by vandalising a Detroit landmark that honored the black prize fighter Joe Louis.
How can people be so freakin ignorant? When the police officers were slain, members of the black community were as saddened as anyone.. Seems like a contribution for the family or to the Policemen's fund would have been a better show of support - but wait..that makes too much sense.

I have some friends who routinely send me e-mail. It's never a personally written e-mail, but one of those things forwarded from someone. Why is that they can't figure out how to just copy and paste it into a new email so you don't have to open 300 forwarded emails? *laugh* Today I got a few of those "send this to 10 friends and your wish will come true" and some of that sappy bibble babble that is trite. I never have the heart to tell my friends that do this that I think it's a bunch o crap - or 'how could you be so silly to think that by forwarding an email to 15 people you'll win the lottery'..

Today is the start of Lent~ I never go to church anymore - but for some reason I always kept the habit of giving up something for Lent. Like the past few years, I've given up alcohol. *laugh* it's only day 1, but for some reason I find it not too difficult to give up things if it's tied into Lent. I gave up smoking YEARS ago {I was a Jr. in High sch} and it started as a Lenten promise to do so. Oh well, Leigh should be pleased anyway.

Hugs to hkoneko Thanks for making me laugh with your Hyde 'nobody loves me' parody. ^_^ Thanks to nyde for another dose of GakuHai smut haha - I still want to spam with said smut XD

TOKYO FM “Only~one~Day”

まで、TOKYO FMをジャック!!

Maybe I'm sounding so whiney/cranky because I've had this rather painful earache & sore throat since last week. go away already!

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