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too much drama & why do I use the word loverly so much? [Feb. 21st, 2004|11:35 pm]
[Current Music |every 2nd I'm in rome ants]

ahh sometimes I'm really thankful that I lead a relatively dull life and am over 40~... Sometimes good friends have drama on their journals that - frankly - they never seem to deserve... especially when I think they are giving helpful comments.

Please, someone kick me in the butt and call me stupid if ever I start to post some yappy inane babble .. OK? oh wait, I'm guilty of that arleady I think.. *smile*

speaking of - err I wonder why silly retarded rants can get under my skin.. ahh like rants about Hyde doing 666 because Hydeists complained about Roentgen.. Oh as if... >.< Hydeist started due to the release of Roentgen..~ ahh yes I'm just being silly and gahh I can't bring up the link again... maybe it's dead! yay! lol

If you hate Hyde, I don't care.. Music should all be about what you like. I don't want to ramble on about this technique was poor or that vocal technique was sloppy, I am more into the If you love it.. yay! go for it.. I don't care who - If you love Ayu, well ! go for it,.. if you Love mini moni, Britney, anybody, I say yes yes relish in if it lights your fire sorry that I am annoyed in a silly way that someone is writing garbage.. everyone writes garbage on the net.. including me

to the loverly diluendo I mentioned the yappity yap drama you mentioned and the equally loverly hkoneko totally agrees. I love the internet..but sometimes.. >><< people can be quite careless about communication.. or maybe they never understand how their words come across.

^_^ I got the M Station from the video store... they have 2 shows on 1 tape.. #1 show GLAY! # 2 show Laruku!
I wonder how it would have been if Glay & Laruku were together? :dies: as they show the 10th anniv tribute to Glay.. OMG! Teru with Long Hair.. I love it, they were all laughing. Those M Sta 'reviews' are always fun >.< I wanted to hear Hisashi.. he didn't say anything

Total time warp - err when did I start this? total time lapse... I got lost in the wonderful world of Haido-microphobia sexual angst on M Station then.. thwarted by trying to get an order to work on Artist deli! kaksjdf;kasdjflkasel;! I think I started to write this dopey lj entry at about 10:30 pm.. doh!


[User Picture]From: misatojaganshi
2004-02-22 07:52 am (UTC)
*looks at pic and giggles*
his wife must be lucky with him and his naughty tongue *^-^*
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[User Picture]From: secretletters
2004-02-22 09:32 pm (UTC)
>_< as if Hyde would care (SONY might though =p "money money, come here!")

Aah there's also a page on GLAY on the cd deta with laruku *love*
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From: claireredding
2004-02-26 12:59 pm (UTC)
That must be the most photographed tongue in the world. gahhhh.
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