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ラルクのスペシアルBJ OK! where do I sign the contract??? [Oct. 17th, 2002|12:21 am]
haha I pay for some copier lease & supply invoices at work.. well dambit!! Why Can't we get a

Or this model?

ufufufu - I am just getting so bored with looking at dreary xerox invoices.. this just looks a lot more funny.. Wonder bj?? oh, has that been nominated for Engrish.com yet?

Wow.. it appears that Hydeist fans all leave chat at lunchtime...LOL I couldn't believe I found room in chat at 12:00 pm Japan time.. & they were very very friendly this time, but ohhh my everyone was asking me questions. Usually I get ignored as I'm a bit of a 蜃気楼 -- Hmm.. should I enter the Hydeist lottery?? 800 Hydeists will get to attend the offkai.. (Helayne imagine conversation with Leigh.. Yes hon.. I know you said it was okay to sent the money for Hydeist memberships & Le Ciel.. but.. can I attend the offkai.. let's see - airfare will be.. ) Leigh would actually love to go to Japan again. We really had the perfect plan last time - Satokosan..she was an angel - she made our trip a perfect dream. I think that to go without someone there to guide you about would be really stressful.

Oh Ger~ I'm glad you liked Stop the gogatsubyou (lol did I spell that right?) You can even find a cute little icon of Midori/Priss there!! kyaaaaa

oh my - I went to tutor Takahiro yesterday - and I can hardly believe his great progress. (no thanks to my podunky efforts LOL..he is just such a sweetie) When we first met - he could hardly speak at all. He could say things like Hello, how are you.. and that was about it. Now, he can read some tongue twister killers in Dr. Suess & I am having explain Harry Potter to me. Our last meeting, I am asking him.. "if you were Harry Potter..what would you do?" LOL he wants to break things - kyaa well, he is only 10. I said, oh, you could also make your teacher speak in Japanese - and YOU would be the only one to understand her.


[User Picture]From: agitatorswaltz
2002-10-18 09:08 pm (UTC)

You know Helayne-san...

WonderBJ.. you know what that reminds me of? Oh... *whistles innocently* blow job *dies* XD but it DOES! I'm serious ^^;; Uwah I'm such an H~ ..Ne, wonder where you can get those printers. I'll gladly take one. As for the offkai.. jealous T_T I wanna gooo.

Urge to watch Love Flies PV is great.. blaming the printers.
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