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The wanwan chans [Feb. 20th, 2004|04:31 pm]
[Current Mood |ready steady time to go home]
[Current Music |Kasou 1014 remix]




Tasha, Franc, Sally  

time to go home & see the doggies, yay!



From: crimson_memoire
2004-02-20 09:51 pm (UTC)
they're all so beautiful. *_*
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[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2004-02-21 01:22 am (UTC)


XD! ITS DAVID-- in a pic i haven't seen before no less <3

T.T and yes, i was going to say the same thing. <333333333 beautiful dogs. Sally kinda reminds me of "puppy"... oh memories (he was a mutt including collie and st. bernard, etc)
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[User Picture]From: takarai
2004-02-21 04:19 am (UTC)
they're so adorable. :3
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