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  nyde whatever gave you the impression I had some unhealthy fetish for hyde's oral fixation with whatever was close at hand ^.~        anyhoo..

The rich text mode doesn't seem to work as efficiently as when I go through the task of entering the html blahblah myself..  I haven't figured out how to edit entries if I've used it..  It does let me capture the Hydeist messages easily ~

ii kimochi!   I sure hope Hydeist posts some pics of Hyde diving into the audience..


ぶち込んで来るぜ!! No.79966 投稿者: HYDE 2004-02-20 18:46:56



  I'm hoping the best for my German Shep "Franc".  As he has gotten older, he's been having a hard time moving about and he often yelps and growls.  He had a car injury before we ever had him - but he managed OK til the past few months.  He started to drag his foot and yelp a lot more.  Leigh took him to the vet and the vet said he had some type of degenerative spinal condition common to the breed.  Leigh couldn't recall the name (not hip dysplasia) -   I'm fuzzy on whether the vet made that diagnosis as absolute or not - but he had Leigh try to give Franc the same arthritis pills we give our Husky Tasha.

=^.^=! Keep your paws crossed!  Franc's first pill was last night & he is moving much better today, and much less cranky..        


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