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OK OK...so perhaps I have a thing for goofy hats [Oct. 14th, 2002|11:02 pm]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |As if in a dream]

I was addressing my Painting package to Le Ciel and thought..oh wouldn't it be nice if I prettied up the plain brown box with some pretty stamps.. Erfff! because of the corrugated carboard..my pretty "forest trees"..look more like messy goo.. guess that was a dumb idea lol and I wonder what the chances are of Hyde-san actually getting to see the painting?? ..well I hope they are somewhat good - as I am bound & determined to make my Dad a celebrity among Japanese musicians ^o^ And I wonder if this is true - I asked in Hydeist chat today how many Hydeist members they thought there were.. and someone told me 10,000.. I guess it's possible - I have no idea ~

Oh! I had an unexpected chat with the "Lemon Goddess" ... aka Lezchan.. Ahh - she was one of the first 'virtual' friends I made - and it was thru some strange misunderstanding with a Japanese friend.. I made this comment about Kimutaku (of SMAP fame) and she thought I meant he was 'gay' - which I didn't.. So I started searching the net for gay culture & Japan..and it didn't take long to find myself in the nether regions of Yaoi stories.. which haha I had no idea existed- Lez was kind enough to answer my questions.. like What does ^^;; mean?? and XD , and all the other IM abbreviations..

IN ESL class today we went over family terms.. and O.o that's confusing even for me - So & so is your cousin, or great aunt,.. etc Of course, I could throw everyone in a quandry when I mention that Leigh is also my brother in law... (because, Leigh's sister is married to my brother) My aunt told me, that if we lived in Greece - we would have to had been married at the same time.. or it would not be legal (I guess we would be considered to be related after that)..