nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

crawls out from under a rock

I spent today & yesterday in bed~ and in too much pain.. I don't care so much that I lost my 50 cents in the Canadian vending machine in the ladies restroom at duty free store.. >.< That happens at work all the time too.!! & just Like Canada to charge twice as much for a feminine hygene products...

so we didn't end up doing a Dane transport - that got postponed til next week. However, Mim & I wanted to go to Windsor well we love to go to the Italian bakery (it is wonderful! just like the Chinese section in Windsor... why aren't they like that in Detroit?? *wonders*)

It was like we entered "COPS" set - we go to Zellers and we see some kid being dragged out in handcuffs in some big police van.. YO - this is Windsor, I can't explain the world of difference between crime in Windsor vs Detroit.. so it was a surprise.

Then we go to the border to cross back home.. and *_* drug sniffing dog patrol?

Oh, but being the doggie lovers that we are.. hahaha Mim & I are just fascinated at the beautiful chocolate lab doing the patrol. Some people go all googly gahgah with babies *lol* we do it with animals.

I had an excruciatingly painful night of cramps.. damn! I hate that -
and you have to love a hubby who will go pick up tampons for you in the morning when you realize you are out....... *chuuuuuuuu* to Leigh

I never did make it in to work - but thank goodness my nausea went away.

Apologies to friends who got stuck on my smut fic filter *laugh*...

I often wonder about the tv shows I see now - sadly without much creativity or inspiration. There are too many of those annoying realty shows - >.< fear factor needs to die in a big way.. uughhhhhhhh I'm anticipating the
"I'm engaged to a serial murderer" series
Maybe you can pick your groom on death row.

I admit, I was watching some 'littlest groom' show (which title annoyed me) as most all the contestants are midgets/dwarfs. While the contestants on the show seemed rather genuine - it makes me wonder when people are 'on display' in this way. It would be great if the purpose of the show was to actually present people like this as totally normal with everday desires and needs. Perhaps it was because of my involvement with the Deaf community.. I feel a bit annoyed when people with any physical difference becomes the object of pity - or to the other extreme, put on a pedestal.

I hope I can make it to work tomorrow...

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