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Hmm that's funny -the salesman said the shoes would make me taller then Ken

^_^ what a loverly day at the symphony ... ufufu yes my brother is President & his wife is Principal Flute.. It was a ballet theme ,and oh so nice.
Pas de six -from William Tell Rossini
Rosamunde ballet music Schubert
Swan Lake Excerpts Tchaikowski
Dance Rhythms Wallingford Riegge
Coppelia Excerpts Leo Delibe
Ballet Egyptien Excerpts Alexandre Luigi

such a cool concert!!!!! Oh I so wish the audience was getting younger.. sometimes I joke that all my internet Laruku fan friends are 20 years or so my junior - but ...when it is opposite.. you worry about the longevity of a fan base.
I think the median age of symphony fans.might be 55.and erff perhaps that is generous

I am going to send my painting off to Le Ciel!! ^_^ and !! the Hydeist offkai is coming up.. poop~! I wish I could get all my friends to come..and well - we will just have to depend on Hydeist posting picture of the event to live it...

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