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what a day - I can hardly keep upright

Why do I lj cut text, but not pics? *evil~*

& I yanked my lazy self out of bed at 5:30 am. It's been a round robin of work related conferences & workshops - requiring me to come in early or stay late -today's was a major handheld computer conf event. One of the people I work for, Carol, she was in charge of this event. She is just a dear and has way too much on her plate - yesterday she was really really frazzled with worry. This involves a ton of coordination of speakers, vendors, and picky details. Carol is also a very 'last minute' worker - so me and my coworker Dee {who is lovely, unlike the girl we both wish to throttle from time to time} was helping me getting workshop folders together yesterday.

This event was offsite and a College Conf Ctr, so I planned to arrive at 7:15 to meet Carol and be there to register people. She had all the workshp materials, and the registration information. O.o~! Poor Carol didn't have her alarm set correctly & she woke up at the time she was supposed to be there.. So needless to say, this made us scramble about a bit to do the registration.

One of the participants was Deaf, and it was nice to meet with her and the 2 interepreters that were there for the day. ^_^ I felt good when the Deaf woman laughed at a silly sign language joke I made.

I knew it would be a long day with sitting around doing not a lot of anything, so I brought some kanji practice worksheets. I was surprised when one of the teachers attending the workshop thought my pile of kanji worksheets were handouts - as she grabbed for one - and she started to ask about it as she was doing something with her class involving kanji. I must remind myself to email her some kanji links tomorrow.

^^;; The worst part about making Japanese friends around here... they eventually always seem to go back to Japan. Tonight I got a call from Risa saying she is returning home tomorrow. *sends love & Hugs to Risa!* I adore her~! She has a wonderfully effervescent personality that I find not uncommon in Osaka-ites~. I need to visit her in Japan! YES damnit, I need a vacation.. Of course~ I often think my Japanese would never be good enough for me to go by myself- and was reminded of the evil// I mean how difficult to impossible it would be for me to master as when perusing one of my books today... :
I wouldn't have caught that subtle difference to my eye in quickly reading- with a big difference in meaning
1. When he/she came, I wasn't there.
2. When I came, he/she wasn't there.. >.< I suck

As a kid, my dream was to take a magic pill- and it would let me speak any language I wanted fluently. That would be great wouldn't it?
Since I've been busier then usual at work - and my computer has been down, I often don't see friend's pages until there are lots of unread entries. Some people always amuse me and make me smile.. some people's post make even less sense then mine (ok that's up for debate) . Should it annoy me that some people just contact me when they want something? ?? >.<
I must say it did annoy me that someone posted on Liv's board (who I've never seen) and wanted Liv to provide more detailed Hydeist translations.. No "THANK YOU" for the stuff she has done already.. *snort* IMO, it's a BIG favor to be asking someone to translate this, translate that.. so I have rarely done so. However, it's not that as much as my bewilderment as to why then she would ask about how to become a Hydeist~ yet she says she can't read Japanese. Perhaps DH's theory is right - people like this think they will meet Hyde & marry him. Then perhaps I should shut up, as I joined for the dopey reason that I thought it was some invisible way I could say thank you - and show fan support .. yeah, shut up already Helayne...
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