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preaching to the choir

My neighbors Mim/Mike (who I adore) actually agreed to go to Leigh's church today.
It was a special day - the men's group that Leigh has been so psyched about (and I think appropriately so) - were doing the entire service. So we all went to service today - and hahaha how funny, Mim said "Oh Leigh really accomplished quite a coup..
2 Catholics & a Jew!

I got to see Leigh in his choir robe, and he looked quite dashing I must say~ ^_^
Member's of the men's group joined the choir- (which was an all men's choir for today's special laymen event) and they were wonderful! I'm glad we went, Leigh seemed so pleased that we did so.

I'm watching the grammy's - and this has been the week to recall the anniv of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Perhaps you can see rebroadcasts on your local PBS station - it's really quite interesting. Sadly, there aren't any wacky ecclectic variety shows like that around now. I remember being a young kid and staring at the first beatles album and wanting that haircut. LOL - I was an early Beatle fantartd? haha Yoko Ono gave a speech on the grammys and when she started to cry during the end.. I found it touching. I've always admired Yoko & the incredible love relationship she seemed to have with John.. it seemed such a rare thing.

I remember going to NYC - to Broadway JUST OUT of High School. & Because our tour guide's sister was in the Ntl Theatre of the Deaf- I could meet with one of the actresses in the "Children of a Lesser God" play (she was Lydia). I remember her telling me that she knew something was wrong the day John Lennon was murdered - she could feel it in the air. She could sense there was something wrong..

I so adored the Beatles as a kid- they were the first group I adored. I was alive when they made their first appearances here (yet I don't really recall) and I remember when they broke up.

I seemed to always fall for groups with similar features..
vocalists who can sing
good lyrics
not too violent or nasty

My group loves have been in chronological order

Emerson Lake & Palmer
Elton John
David Bowie
~ classical musical always ~
I also liked some others - but just enough to buy an album...

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