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shutting from the sky - insomniaphobia

Ever have one of those days you are so tired you can't sleep?

Yesterday I stayed late to do some workshop registration.
It was a struggle to keep awake (& whenever I get cold sores, which isn't too often - I feel especially run down).
I go home to find Leigh waiting for me with a typing project.
Ok, some peck peck peck type away trying to make sense of Leigh's spelling & fragment sentences {he is rather brilliant - but not when it comes to writing or spelling} - then as I ask him a question about something, he realizes that he has given me the wrong month's report to type up - & he starts to grumble about that. (huh? Shouldn't I be the one grumbling? Laugh)

Anyhoo - Leigh was happy when I finished the Right report and he went of to his "Men's Meeting" at Church. I guess the men at his Church started this type of fellowship group where they open with prayer, then talk about how they can be better Christians, etc.

God love him for it, but I always feel like such a heathen when I type up these reports for him *laugh*. He is rather psyched about the whole thing, and he wants me to go to Church on Sunday because all the men in the group are singing with the choir.

Leigh said he wanted to eat dinner when the meeting was finished, which was 10:00. I barely managed to keep my eyes open- but then I couldn't fall asleep! >.< & I ended up coming to work at 7:30 to do another workshop --

This made me rather happy - Laruku message to Korean fans ^_^ It's about time~! *throws confetti for Korean fans who can now go into debt like the rest of us XD*

RSG is being shipped today! Is it just me, or does anyone else find the hyde/tetsu/yuki/ken - Less versions rather stupid?

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