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maybe I should try some coffee

^-^ Aww feels loved.. thanks for your comments in my last post - I admit I was really really annoyed!

Leigh called me today to ask me to look up something on the net (Still tries to imagine Leigh using the Laptop I just ordered for him)
& it was as if nothing that's good.

I'm so tired & I have to work late >.<
Hope my brain will function after 4:30
Oh~ I got a lovely note from the dearest Hazuki. She is the sweetest thing - we became friends because she saw an email address for me on Hydeist BBS. We send each other things (Like she sent me Moonchild making, tickets, 666 photobook) & I finally got around to ordering her very belated gift. I didn't know what American movies she had - and she told me in her email. - I sent her the DVD of Year of Living Dangerously & Edward Scissorhands. (not that they are at all similar, they just are 2 of my favorites - I hope she enjoys them too)

& Yes I DO need a vacation! The last one I had was getting snowed in at Katsucon -

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