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moshi moshi??

Thank goodness for friends who always cheer me up like fun chats with hkoneko caffeineaddict claireredding & the always sweet Ayumi.
So I suppose the day wasn't a total bust..

Leigh & I don't always communicate a lot -(but perhaps that's just a 'guy' thing.. and a Leigh thing - as he doesn't really talk a lot unless you get him started on religion or something) - & although we've been married for so long, we hardly ever fight. Well hardly ever.. >.< Yesterday I came home to find that none of our phones were working - & being the rather anxious sort that I am - was a bit concerned as Leigh didn't come home til about 10 - I thought he would be home earlier.

So as I had spent most of the evening making soup & waiting for Leigh to come home.. I was relieved to see him.. Then I mentioned that the phones weren't working. Leigh glibbly tells me it's because he unplugged them WTF! That bastard! So - you get a phone call in the middle of the night so that justifies UNPLUGGING the phone? & NOT plugging it back in? Well I started yelling WHAT THE F*CK!!
& Leigh started in on me about swearing.. I was so pissed off.. O.o~!
OK rant over

It's going to be a busy work week.. hope I survive it..
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