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I can die happy now XD

Gackt or Hyde: who will you get? by deathwish
Where?In a hotel room
The words you"I lov...uh, forget that"
And after this...Later it will be more serious
Your name
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Leigh is at school now, and I got a message that tonight's church meeting has been cancelled due to the weather - >.< It would be nice if he carried a pager or cell..but nooooo Slightly annoyed at this - but hoping the weather isn't too bad and when Leigh drives out to the church (for nothing) and comes home - the trip will be safe. Last week Leigh drove out to school in crappy snowy weather to find class cancelled.. He has this major phone phobia..
LJ EDIT: I just called the Univ - & I'm in love w/Laurette at Financial aid. I called to say my hubby was in class, but I don't know which one (yeah Leigh is so communicative) & I explained I didn't want him to have to drive cross town for nothing in poopsville weather.. !!! She took over 20 minutes to look up his class and she said she will give him the message and have him call me *crosses fingers LJ Edit #2
YAY! Leigh got the message and he came home around 7:30 without having to make an wasted trip~ ^________^
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