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baby it's cold outside


Sorry for being late on the Chinese New year greeting,

The doggies stayed home today since it was so cold, about -10 with the wind chill.   

Not too much happened today.. I started finally packaging up the MS Super live tapes to send.  Apologies, I was hoping it would have happened already ...     & I still have to make more tapes (I'm sending the International ones out first..)

Thanks to the lovely Claire..  it's amazing what a dose of unexpected Gaku/Hom smut in the middle of the day will do to lighten the mood *laugh*

^-^ & hugs to DH's Mom.. who I'm glad to hear is on the mend..

I hope one of my bosses will be able to make it thru the stress of waiting for his biopsy results..     crap, having to wait 4-5 days for results.. I'd be at wits end..     

Another coworker was off after the holiday due to 'emergency surgery', and I found out from her today that she had a tubal pregnancy.  ^^;;  I had a classmate who died during one, it's rather scary - so I'm so happy she is OK.  I felt so bad when I heard about it - I remember the miscarriage I remember it being very painful. 


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