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The lovely people who I work for (Carol & John,.. and please say a prayer for Wayne as he was out having a biopsy taken..^^;;) declared today as "appreciation 4 Helayne day" or at least that is how John had it marked on his calendar. I can hardly describe how touched I was by this - but they genuinely seem to be happy I work for them and appreciate what I do.

In my previous dept., we were really self directed, and people rarely made a point to say thanks for this or that - but it was a different type of job too. Previously, we would do the same thing on schedule, pay people, pay companies.. and we didn't need anyone to 'give us' work per se.

Now, it's very different - I am so much more a 'support' person.
I am sure I mentioned before that I was looking good because I replaced secretaries who were bitter and refused to learn technology..but beyond that.. We were 'in charge of ourselves' for the most part.

My bosses seem very pleased that I handle things without asking them question after question, and take it upon myself to learn how to do something if I don't know how.

I'm really so grateful for my previous co-workers,.. who created this great 'get it done.. and get it done now' environment. Really, I heart them to pieces. Please forgive me if it sounds like I'm bragging, and I hate to sound so -
I just felt like such a worthless piece of nothing when my job was eliminated.. ..

Oh but on to more tasty things.. ^_^ They liked the Thai restaurant I suggested, and they had never been to.. Eggplant & Tofu tad.. YUM!

OK on to a more ranty mode...

I admit without any hesitation that I am a shameless fangirl (or fanoldfart fanhag *laugh* ) So I jump on the bandwagon w/Claire & DH...
maybe there needs to be an anti-anti-fangirl comm.. OH KIDDING
but really..

My friends who created one stupidfan rant comm were always very helpful to me.. and I am sure were painfully aware of my rabid Hyde midlife obsession ^.~ This is not aimed at them in any way .. Domo has been always helpful & Kind & KT tolerant of my constant Hyde photo spamming ^-^

BUT GEEZ LOUISE & there is also a fanf*cker comm which was even ... more so....
Tell me what Jrock Western Fan pops out of the womb knowing every factoid about their favorite band?? Is it really a crime to not know every song Dir en Grey performs, or who is who?

& Well Miyavi... Cute as a button, but.. (gomen  奈緒美) I just don't love his voice all that much... ahh at first I thought how sexy, but it seemed to repetitive after a while. Yet, I so can understand his appeal-

So when it is announced that he is coming to A-kon... well HOLY COW... I'd be squealing if I was a big Miyavi fan..

Sure, we want Jrock acts like Miyavi, like Duel Jewel or Blood, or (C-rockers Silver Ash) etc. etc. to get more 'worthy' venues. What do I mean by that? I mean.. A-kon staff has worked their asses off I'm sure (OR someone like Harry... etc) to get them here - and it would be really nice if they had a REAL concert hall, and a crowd just there for them..

But - that's not really the case here, is it..

I guess I'm just pissed - because once again.. people seem to ignore the hard work it takes to bring such acts here..
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