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Thank you Dr. King

Perhaps the Martin Luther King Holiday observance is a ho-hum regular day off where you live (if it IS a day off) ..but here in Detroit, it is really important. I recall stories, events, of life in Detroit that was even more racially divided then today.
Prays & Hopes & thankful for all those pioneers that put their life on the line..

how cute.. good weather.. and don't expect Hyde's concerts to be spectacular like Laruku's? ahhh and what's this about only being naked during sex? oh never mind... はいっ No.69342 投稿者: HYDE 2004-01-20 09:01:59
 おはようございます いい天気です おひさしぶりっ 年明けから怒濤のスケジュールをこなし終わりまして爆睡しましてこんな時間に起きてます眠らないといけないのにな・・・もうすぐ本格的なリハに入ります どうなることやら・・・まだ試行錯誤してますどういう形が一番かっこいいのかな? ラルクと違って派手な演出は期待しないでね みんなの意見書いてみて 今年も宜しく


gives Hyde a good smack
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