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Birthday wishes to Livchan! & Techan!!! [Oct. 3rd, 2002|10:40 pm]
^_^ Yes yes... this lj is really a pathetic excuse to post laruku photos. gomen I confess

I was wondering today~ I think that if someone didn't know me & just looked at my Lj for proof of my pathetic life.. erff! haha what an odd picture it would portray -- - *note to self.. must write more mindful, thought provoking & witty entries... * oh crap.. ! who am I kidding?

I need to get some blood tests done.. >.< blah I don't feel like it - Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow morning- if I'm up for it..

I've been having this odd battle with a company at work. I work in Accts Payable - and recently we discovered that our First aid supply company has been billing us, but -- I think our sales rep is a shinkirou!! We have not seen him for months, yet he says he has come - we have no signed receipts to prove it and our medicine chest is pretty bare.. I'm such a sucker.. I am feeling bad for the guy - I wonder what is suddenly up with him? We've had this same person for a long time , never a problem - now he is suddenly blatantly lying.. hmm I don't even know they guy - but I hope he is ok. I am annoyed that I've called the company EVERY DAY for over a week to complain & they ignored me..

ahh see?? the everyday minutia of my life is pretty fricken boring .. now this Hyde/laruku mania doesn't seem so bad after all. =p