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a few random rants..

1st & Foremost

A big fat happy "psuedo" Okaeri.. & "Weeeeeeehhhhh!!!!" to Little Tet. *chu* (You are loved!)

More Hugs & Miso soup to jhisbe Hope you are well~

It's been a marathon taping of M S super live & finally had to return the original tapes today. Leigh really seems to enjoy watching these shows too ^_^, and especially teasing me about the fact that Everybody seems to bow to audience except for Gackt & Hyde.. "What's this?" Leigh exclaims ... "Is this what we can expect from Hyde? Is he too good for everyone else? " (well Gackt sort of acts like he has a stick up his.. well anyhoo .. ahah but never seems to maintain that composure for long)

Gomen gomen - I didn't have a chance to mail anything out this weekend, as I spent most of the day shopping w/my lovely neighbor Mim (zzzzzzz grocery shopping is such a bore - but w/company not so bad).

I was making dinner & saw one of those blahblahblah we're gonna put the fear into you news shows (prime time? dateline? I confuse them all) & they did a feature on Premarin. Crimini! where have they been!! ??? Perhaps my involvement in Anti vivisection & Animal rights clued me into it.. but over 10 years ago a Doctor gave me Premarin. I shortly learned Premarin = Pregnant Mare Urine = so basically these pregnant horses are 'urine slaves'. . and for what? It's able to be obtained in other plant based methods - I guess the deal now is that things like Premarin show up poorly in cancer studies (in risk factors) so now it's on the decline.. .they want to kill all the horses & foals..
I guess this is a vegans dilemma.. I hope people will get concerned & want to rescue some horses destined for slaughter - but I hardly see a horse, or pig, or pet, as very different - so that why I'm vegan. It seems the "cuteness" factor of some animal determines if we eat them or not.. My theory is better for a cow / horse/ pig NOT to ever exist, if it's ultimate end is a cruel life..
Then I saw an add for an upcoming show on children sex (slave) trade .. How can people treat other living beings this way? I just don't understand.
Tried to inspire myself to cook some new things recently I've been so lazy, and frankly - Leigh's been busy most nights and ...oddly, I don't really cook just for me. ^^;; I made some macrobiotic soups - ( a nice Indian soup with cauliflower & curry & sweet potatoes..) sweet & sour soup too - and I will try pasta dish with shiitake, cremini & button mushrooms sauce.. Lucky for me Leigh likes my cooking ..

ahh wonders if I should say.. oh ok I will
Some witty friends assembled a funny lj comm poking fun at fan*tards*... and ahh yes of course I joined it in the throws of PMS ( I tend to only embrace really snarky, sarcastic things then)... and while my friends are witty & funny..and thought it would be a fun time... now I think it's going to soon evolve into something more annoying then the 'said' tards.. Perhaps it's just my nature that really tries to steer clear of making fun of people in general.. or maybe "I'm better then other fans and they are all stupid" feeling I get..

(soon to follow..shameless copy of claireredding top 10 hyde pics
hahah like my lj is so bereft of Hyde pics..

>.< I got an anonymous comment from a German user of lj.. *waves* if they see this..but wonders, how to people find this anyway?


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