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Finally an end to a painful week

Survived a week spent in some major pain *phew* Glad that is finally over (the week & the pain).

I'm feeling so listless.. I should work but I don't feel like doing anything. *sigh*

Remembered to bring my 7 access pass card to work so I could see a clip of Forbidden Lover.
Hyde's voice is so shot on the final day, why didn't they record some earlier days when he still had some voice?

Keep your fingers crossed! My friend from Thailand says she will send me a copy of.... CARNIVAL OF TRUE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!

& Maybe someone can tell stupid me how to access Temporary internet files.. I'm not sure where to find them - When I went to the control panel & Looked at the stored pages, I tried to open up the Hydeist paparazzi pages, but I would just get a 'session error' Hydeist message page...

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