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2018.07.11 ZEPP NAGOYA DAY 1

2018.07.11 ZEPP NAGOYA DAY 1

Today's Pickup
ZEPP NAGOYA It is the first day.

This diary that picks up and delivers one of the tours every time .
Today's pickup theme is "Throne".
The stone throne of the huge stone that appears in the center of
stage is what draws attention in the stage set of this tour
. So
today we will include some spoiler so be careful!
At the opening, HYDE who was masked masked
appeared sitting on this throne.
Yes, the mask also glows with a black light.
Actually this throne, at the
beginning of the tour had a beautiful shape, but brush up further
to fit the world view of the decadent future city
. It was because the backrest part was cut away from the 4th day of Tokyo on
the order of HYDE .
HYDE sings enthusiastically with this throne.
At this time HYDE's melancholy facial expressions are
everyone's melody.
is HYDE without enemies as we go sitting on the throne of a huge stone (Kippari!).
The following new song "SET IN STONE" spreads the dark world with the heavy
reflected on the black light
So this sexy figure as well!
the style of standing on the throne and singing is a classic.
This throne which makes
the world of the darkness wrapped in a fairly tense sense of "DAMNED" and "SET IN STONE"
even more impressive was because it shows
HYDE overwhelming charisma

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